The Origins

The van Zeller family's history is part of the history of the Port wine trade, a business to which the family has been linked for over 400 years and uninterruptedly for 15 generations. The origins of the van Zeller family date back to the 13th century, to the Flemish towns of Mechelen and Nimegen, and more particularly to the village of Zellaer (Belgium) where they owned several properties.

During the 17th century, with the advent of the religious wars that ravaged central and northern Europe, the van Zellers emigrated to Spain and Portugal, where they settled. Their relationship with the wine business also dates back to the beginning of the 18th century, following the Inquisition books (1620-1640) which refer to Jorge Fernandes and his son-in-law, ancestors of the family, as prominent wine merchants at the time. That was the beginning of the longest unbroken dynasty in the Portuguese wine world.

Our facilities

At Van Zeller Wine Collection S.A., we operate in a wide range of facilities and properties, where every stage of the process is carried out with precision and dedication.

Santa Comba da Vilariça winery, Vila Flor

A small boutique winery, equipped with the latest technology, dedicated to producing small batches of excellent Douro DOC wine from exceptional grapes.

Romarigo winery, Peso da Régua

A historic facility which, in the past, and under the management of Fernando Columbano, was responsible for the vinification of around 15% of the region's total Port harvest. Currently under the management of Van Zeller Wine Collection S.A., it has a storage capacity of over 6 million liters.

Port wine ageing warehouse in Pocinho, Douro Superior

In an area of over 3000 m2, we set off on a journey back in time to the splendor and tradition associated with Port Wine. Large-capacity vats, casks, barrels and thousands of barrels, mostly made of oak wood, house more than a million liters of Tawny Port Wine that quietly ages and evolves into future batches of wines with age designations and vintages, guaranteeing the sustainability and unique quality of our commercial offer.

Bottling and logistics center, Pedroso

Located on a 12,000 m2 site, with a covered area of around 6,000 m2, we find one of the most recent and modern bottling plants, with a nominal bottling capacity of over 6 million bottles a year, in a single shift.

Our vineyards

Framed by the majestic mountains of the Douro, our vineyards tell the rich and passionate story of a tradition rooted in the steep slopes and distinctive terroir of this unique wine region. The Douro, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, gives our grapes an unparalleled character, resulting in exceptional Port and DOC Douro wines. The unique combination of schist soils, varied altitudes and singular microclimates creates the ideal conditions for the production of high-quality grapes, giving rise to wines that capture the authenticity and essence of the Douro terroir.

Quinta do Tombo, no Vale da Vilariça

Located in the Vilariça Valley, in the Douro Superior, a gently undulating alluvial plain, it has unique and privileged conditions for viticulture, with a terroir that is difficult to find in other parts of the Douro. The flat basin where the quinta is located, with small hills surrounded by granite escarpments, creates a particular and distinct set of factors. The soil is deeper, but with a high level of stoniness, and the climate is hot and dry, which gives the wines unique and distinct characteristics from the others produced in the region.

Quinta do Saião, em Vila Nova de Foz Côa

Quinta do Saião develops like a large natural amphitheater facing the River Douro. It is born from the full communion between nature and vine growing, preserving and enhancing the biodiversity and the historical, natural and landscape heritage of the Douro Superior region. This unique symbiosis, combined with meticulous organic viticulture, results in the production of truly unique and exceptional wines.

Quinta de Zom, em Freixo de Espada à Cinta

Quinta de Zom, em Freixo de Espada à Cinta. Located in the heart of the Douro International Natural Park, Freixo de Espada à Cinta is surrounded by an impressive landscape of nature and imposing cliffs. The climate is harsh and dry, with very hot summers and extremely cold winters. The schist and stony soils further intensify the climate. Just a few meters from the River Douro and the Spanish border, in a remote area, Quinta de Zom has a number of natural factors that contribute to the distinctive quality of the concentrated, highly mineral wines.

The Collectors

Fernando Van Zeller

Founding Partner, Chairman & CEO

Álvaro Van Zeller

Founding Partner & Winemaker

Rui Correia de Carvalho

Managing Partner


At Van Zeller Wine Collection, S.A., we remain committed to the planet and the communities around us. We have integrated sustainable practices into every stage of our process, from the vineyards to bottling, promoting environmental preservation and the well-being of present and future generations.  
Some of our practices include:  
- Certified organic farming and Integrated Production  
- Reduction of CO2 emissions and carbon retention  
- Use of renewable energies (solar panels) and water efficiency  
- Reducing the use of chemicals and valuing biodiversity  
- Certification of organic products  

Since 2014, we have had ISO 14001 Environmental Management certification. We continue to look for new ways to reduce our environmental impact, support local communities and promote ethical practices through innovation and collaboration. Our future goals include:  
- Increasing the reduction of CO2 emissions  
- Investing in precision agriculture systems  
- Improving water use efficiency  
-Seeking product components with reduced environmental impact 


As a company committed to excellence and the satisfaction of our consumers, we strive for the highest standards at every stage of our production process. 

Our mission is clear: to produce products that not only meet, but exceed our customers' expectations. 

To achieve this goal, we are committed to strictly adhering to the highest standards of quality and food safety. We are committed to ensuring that every bottle in the Van Zeller Wine Collection S.A. is a testament to our dedication to excellence. Our vision is future-oriented, focused on fostering an organizational culture that values and prioritizes quality and food safety at every level of our structure. We recognize that this commitment involves not only our employees, but also our partners and suppliers, in a joint effort to achieve the highest standards of performance. 

Since 2015, Van Zeller Wine Collection S.A. has proudly held IFS Food safety certification, reinforcing our commitment to transparency, responsibility and the trust of our consumers.

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