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The jury tasted and decided. Douro Superior Festival 2024: Best port wine and gold medal for Maynard's and Kaputt


After evaluating more than 180 references in the categories of white wines, red wines and Port wines, the Upper Douro Wine Competition chose three big winners: Duorum Vinha dos Muros 2023 (white), Quinta do Vesúvio 2021 (red), Maynard's Vintage 2021 (Port). On May 25 and 26, the Douro Superior Wine Competition brought together an international jury made up of 30 professionals, including importers, wine merchants, restaurants, wine bars and journalists, who evaluated more than 180 references to highlight the best in the region's white, red and Port wine categories. The Douro Superior Wine Competition takes place every year as part of the Douro Superior Wine Festival, an event organized by the Vila Nova de Foz Côa Municipality and produced by Grandes Escolhas. Both the competition and the festival are already a benchmark among the country's major wine events, helping to raise the profile of the region and its wines. “Once again, this was an edition full of novelties and wines of enormous quality, as only the Douro Superior can deliver,” says Luís Lopes, director of “Grandes Escolhas” magazine. “This is a competition that stands out not only for the excellence of the samples presented, but also for the revelation of new projects every year, some of such quality that they are distinguished in the very first year of participation. It's a pleasure to be part of this initiative and to follow the evolution of the wines that are produced here,” he concludes. “This year we wanted to go one step further and, for the first time, we invited importers from different European countries to get to know and evaluate the best of what is made in the Douro Superior. I can say that the response was very positive and that we helped the region get closer to the international market,” said João Geirinhas, business director of Grandes Escolhas magazine. GOLD MEDAL Kaputt Orange 2019 (Van Zeller Wine Collection S.A.)

BEST PORT WINE AWARD Maynard's Vintage 2021 (Van Zeller Wine Collection)

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